Navigating the pickleball court can be daunting in inadequate footwear, causing discomfort or even injury. Believe me, I’ve been there and made that mistake myself. After extensive research and personal trial, I’ve discovered Acacia pickleball shoes – a game-changer in providing supportive comfort on both indoor and outdoor courts.

Ready to up your game with the right pair of shoes? Let’s step into it!

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Review of the Top 3 Acacia Pickleball Shoes for 2023

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Comparison Table

Acacia Ultrashot Men’s Tyler Loong Signature Edition Pickleball ShoesProFlex™ membrane frame, MicroHC™ mesh, ballistic nylon.ProSole™, silicone honeycomb-gel, antibacterial insoles.Water-resistant ARK-Technology EVA foam.Non-marking anti-wear gum rubber with elevated heels.
Acacia ProShot Pickleball Shoes (Unisex)Flyknit ballistic nylon.Silica gel anti-bacterial insoles.Water-resistant ARK-Technology EVA foam.Non-marking natural rubber with elevated heels.
Acacia Dinkshot Pickleball Shoes (Unisex)Polymer microfiber with reinforced ankle support and metal grommets.Honeycomb-memory foam.Water-resistant ARK-Technology EVA foam.Non-marking natural rubber with elevated heels.
Acacia pickleball shoes comparison table

1. Acacia Ultrashot Men’s Tyler Loong Signature Edition Pickleball Shoes

Acacia Men's Tyler Loong Signature Edition Pickleball Shoes

The Ultrashot Acacia Men’s Tyler Loong Signature Edition Pickleball Shoes bring agility, comfort, and performance to your pickleball game. These shoes are engineered with an innovative ProFlex™ material that offers a personalized fit while ensuring the shoe structure remains supportive for quick changes in direction. The MicroHC™ mesh not only provides breathability but also maintains air flow and ventilation, making it perfect for long playing sessions.

What makes this product stand out is its Heel Control Stability™ (HCS), a unique feature catering specifically to helping you make fast lateral movements on the court. HCS ensures ankle joint support and ground movement stability leading to increased efficiency and reducing the chance of injury. Plus, the ProSole™ silicone honeycomb-gel insole acts as shock absorbers providing comfort throughout the match.

Ranked No. 1 on our list due to these superior features that target optimal player performance, protection from injury risks and improved durability – thanks to its water-resistant ARK-Technology EVA foam midsole and non-marking anti-wear rubber outsole. Endorsed by professional player Tyler Loong himself further assures users of their quality make – thus showing why these pickleball shoes deserve our top spot!


  • Comfortable and supportive ProFlex™ upper material
  • Durable high-grade leather drag guard for added protection
  • Improved breathability with MicroHC™ mesh material
  • Enhanced stability and shock absorption with HCS heel counter and ProSole™ insole


  • Limited color options available
  • Higher price point compared to other pickleball shoes
  • Some customers have reported that the sizing runs small, requiring a size up for a proper fit.

This Acacia Ultrashot Men’s Tyler Loong Signature Edition Pickleball Shoe is ideal for the competitive, active and ambitious player who wants to stay comfortable and supported while playing their best.

2. Acacia ProShot Pickleball Shoes (Unisex)

Acacia ProShot Pickleball Shoes (Unisex)

I’m always on the hunt for shoes that can enhance my gameplay and comfort. The Acacia ProShot Pickleball Shoes absolutely deliver in both aspects, which is why they’ve claimed spot number 2 on our list. Notable features like the honeycomb ballistic nylon upper provide breathability while maintaining support during intense matches.

What truly impressed me was how comfortable and mobile I felt in them. Thanks to the wide toe box designed for quick lateral movements, it allowed me to effortlessly perform slides and saves without worrying about discomfort or possible injuries from sudden shifts. They also come with anti-wear contoured outsoles giving good traction on all court surfaces.

I personally appreciated the SK-Vent design that ensured proper air ventilation keeping my feet cool even after hours of playing! In addition, the silicone gel-insoles incorporated antimicrobial lining offering excellent shock absorption & odor control; this added feature guarantees a fresh feeling throughout your game!


  • Superior support and breathability with the honeycomb ballistic nylon upper
  • Enhanced protection for feet with ankle and arch support
  • Quick lateral movements facilitated by the wide toe box
  • Unparalleled support, traction, leverage, control, and balance thanks to the anti-wear contoured outsole and gel-injected heels


  • Limited color options available
  • Some players may find the shoes lack durability

This product is perfect for active pickleball players looking to improve their footwear with superior support and comfort.

3. Acacia Dinkshot Pickleball Shoes (Unisex)

Acacia Dinkshot Pickleball Shoes (Unisex)

The Acacia Dinkshot Pickleball Shoes rank as our third choice. The key factors such as the high-abrasion contoured outsole with Kevlar drag guards and polymer microfiber upper contribute to its solid performance, offering swift lateral movements and outstanding stability that cater perfectly to fast-paced gameplay. Its wider-toe box design also offers a comfortable fit for multiple foot types, which makes it ideal for both men and women.

This pair of shoes not only excels in construction but also in providing comfort. It features a honeycomb-memory foam insole that ensures shock absorption and airflow which helps prevent excess sweating. The water-resistant ARK-Technology EVA foam midsole guarantees support – a crucial factor when making responsive movements.

These shoes present a strong value proposition through their specifically designed features; from traction to reinforced ankle support all wrapped up in an aesthetically pleasing package, earning our No 3 spot on this list.


  • Enhanced durability with high-abrasion outsole and Kevlar drag guards
  • Exceptional support and stability with reinforced ankle support and contoured outsole
  • Comfortable shock absorption and breathability with honeycomb – memory foam insole
  • Versatile performance on any court surface with non-marking rubber outsole


  • Limited color options available
  • May feel slightly heavy compared to lighter pickleball shoe options

This product is perfect for the beginner player looking to up their game – featuring honeycomb-memory foam insoles, water-resistant ARK-Technology EVA foam midsoles, and reinforced ankle support, these shoes will keep you comfortable while providing great traction.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Pickleball Shoes

When choosing pickleball shoes, it’s important to consider factors such as comfort and fit, traction and durability, and support and stability. Want to know more about how these factors can enhance your game? Keep reading!

Comfort and Fit

Acacia Pickleball Shoes stand out in the matters of comfort and fit. The design incorporates a spacious toe box, ensuring your toes can freely move without feeling cramped or restricted.

This provides not only room for flexibility but also contributes to overall comfort during long games. Additionally, these shoes are highly recommended for players with wide feet due to their accommodating size range.

They truly serve all pickleball players by offering an exceptionally comfortable fit tailored to the unique demands of each player’s foot shape and size.

Traction and Durability

In pickleball, players need shoes that won’t slip or slide on the court. The Acacia Pickleball Shoes truly shine in this area with their non-marking, contoured rubber soles. This design gives you a sturdy grip to move quickly without losing your footing.

The high-quality materials used in these shoes also ensure they last for countless matches. Whether you play indoors or outdoors, these shoes can stand up to rigorous wear and tear while maintaining optimal traction throughout their lifespan.

Support and Stability

Acacia Pickleball shoes are hailed for their exceptional support and stability. The design of these court shoes takes into account the quick movements and agility required in pickleball, focusing on providing ample toe support.


The Acacia Pickleball Shoes are a top choice for pickleball players in 2023 due to their supportive and comfortable design. The Tyler Loong Signature Edition is highly recommended for its unique features and high performance on the court.

Additionally, the ProShot model offers a balanced fit at a reasonable price point. Whether you’re playing indoors or outdoors, these shoes will help you level up your game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top features to look for in Acacia pickleball shoes?

When choosing Acacia pickleball shoes, it is important to consider features like durability, traction, comfort, and stability. Look for shoes with high-quality materials, grip-enhancing outsoles, cushioned midsoles, and supportive construction.

Are Acacia pickleball shoes suitable for both indoor and outdoor play?

Yes, many Acacia pickleball shoes are designed to be versatile and can be used for both indoor and outdoor play. However, it is always a good idea to check the product specifications or descriptions to ensure that they are suitable for your specific playing surface.

How do I determine the right size of Acacia pickleball shoes?

To find the right size of Acacia pickleball shoes, it is recommended to refer to their sizing charts provided by the manufacturer. Measure your foot length and width accurately and compare them with the chart’s measurements to select the appropriate size.

Can I use these Acacia pickleball shoes for other sports or activities?

While Acacia pickleball shoes are specifically designed for optimal performance for pickleball, some models may also be suitable for other court sports such as tennis or volleyball.