Looking for a fabulous place to enjoy a game of pickleball? The Villages in Florida have you covered with an extensive range of courts for this fast-growing sport. Boasting over 350 dedicated spots, this 55+ active adult community is a paradise where pickleball fanatics can freely indulge their passion.

Stick around as we dive into the diverse world of The Village’s many court options, break down their unique features, and explore how they cater to players of all levels.

Key Takeaways

  • The Villages in Florida is home to over 350 pickleball courts.
  • Different types of court surfaces are available for all skill levels.
  • Organized leagues, tournaments, and lessons by experienced instructors are offered at The Villages’ pickleball courts.
  • Some courts may require membership or fee while others are free.

Number of Pickleball Courts in The Villages

The Villages, a bustling active adult community in Florida, boasts an impressive array of over 350 pickleball courts. These courts are scattered across the sprawling community to offer plenty of space for everyone who wants to try their hand at this fun and engaging sport.

Among these facilities, Mulberry Grove Pool & Recreation Center and Rohan Recreation Center stand out with the most number of courts available.

Depending on your needs or preferences, there are both permanent and temporary pickleball courts. In addition to the whopping quantity, it’s worth noting that some of these courts require membership or a one-time fee while others welcome public usage without any charges.

However, before getting ready to play your game, you may need to check the status as some courts may temporarily close due to maintenance tasks or weather-related concerns.

Type of Surfaces Used for the Pickleball Courts

The pickleball courts at The Villages come in various surface types to cater to all skill levels and preferences.

  • Most courts feature a composite surface that provides consistency for players.
  • Hard court surfaces are the preferred choice for most players here, offering speed and precision to the game.
  • Permanent lines and nets decorate most of the courts.
  • Colony Cottage Pool & Recreation Center has space for temporary courts. Players heading there should bring their own nets and be prepared to draw boundaries using chalk or tape.

Additional Amenities and Services at The Villages’ Pickleball Courts

The Villages’ pickleball courts in Florida aren’t just places to play, but hubs of activity offering a range of services. Organized leagues and tournaments are part of the excitement here, welcoming players irrespective of their skill levels.

From beginners to seasoned pickleball fanatics, all find a platform to showcase their love for this fast-growing sport.

Beyond games and competitions, there is an emphasis on player development as well with clinics and lessons by experienced instructors. These trainers guide you through the various skills needed to master pickleball – making it one of the most popular amenities available at The Villages’ courts.

However, do note that while such extensive assistance is provided, equipment isn’t supplied – so make sure you come prepared with your own paddles and balls when ready to play.


Pickleball in The Villages is more than a sport, it’s a lifestyle. With an abundance of courts and tournaments to choose from, residents are never short of opportunities to play. So grab your paddle and ball and join the pickleball craze that has swept The Villages! Whether you’re a veteran or just starting out, there’s always room for one more on the court.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many pickleball courts are in The Villages, Florida?

The Villages offers over 350 pickleball courts for residents and visitors to enjoy.

What types of pickleball courts can I find in The Villages?

There are various types of courts available in The Villages including permanent and temporary ones.

Are all the pickleball courts open to players of all age groups?

Yes! All the pickleball courts located at different recreation centers within The Villages are open to participants across different age groups.

Can someone join organized leagues or attend Pickleball clinics here?

Surely! With the sport’s growing popularity, there exist several organized league activities and clinics offering lessons by skilled instructors throughout The Villages that you can be part of!