Why Putting Lead Tape on Your Pickleball Paddle is a Game-Changer

Have you ever wondered why competitive and professional pickleball players are adding lead tape to their pickleball paddles? It’s not just a trend, it’s a game-changing strategy that can significantly enhance your performance on the court. The additional weight from the lead tape can provide more power, stability, and enlarge the sweet spot of your paddle. But the key lies in where you place the tape.

Are you ready to learn how to give your pickleball game a competitive edge? Let’s dive in!

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Official Pickleball Rules Regarding Lead Tape Usage

Curious about the rules of pickleball when it comes to modifying your paddle? We’re in luck, the USA Pickleball rules are quite accommodating.

Rule NumberRule Description
2.E.4There is no restriction on paddle weight.
2.E.5.aThe only alterations or additions that may
be made to a commercially made paddle
are edge guard tape, lead tape, changes to
the grip size or grip wrap, and name decals
and/or other identification markings on the
paddle face

USA Pickleball Rule 2.E.4 states that there are no restrictions on paddle weight. This means you can add as much lead tape to your paddle as your heart desires.

According to USA Pickleball Rule 2.E.5.a., players have the freedom to make specific changes to a commercially made paddle. This includes adding lead tape, changing the edge guard tape, modifying the grip size or wrap, and even adding name decals or other identification markings on the paddle face.

A Comprehensive Guide on Where to Add Lead Tape to Your Paddle

Ready to take the plunge and add lead tape to your paddle? Great! The next step is figuring out how much to add and where to place it. The placement of the tape can significantly impact your paddle’s balance and feel. Let’s explore the common areas to place the lead tape and understand the effects it can have:

The Sides of the Paddle

Adding lead tape at 10, 8, 2, and 4 o’clock on the sides can enlarge the sweet spot, add a bit of stability, and add a bit of stability, giving you a larger margin for error.

The Top of the Paddle

Placing lead tape on the top of the paddle at the 11, 12, and 1 o’clock positions will give your shots more power on your drives, volleys, and serves, but it can make the head of the paddle feel slightly slower since the weight is further from the handle.

The Throat of the Paddle

Putting lead tape at the 7, and 5 o’clock positions will add some weight to your paddle without changing the feel of your swing. This is because the weight is closer to the grip of the paddle.

All 4 Corners of the Paddle

My personal favorite is adding lead tape to all 4 corners. I find this to be the perfect balance of power and stability, while also enlarging the sweet spot.

Remember, it may take a bit of trial and error to find the right combination of placement and amount that works best for you.

Where to Purchase the Ideal Lead Tape for Your Paddle

Lead tape is a cost-effective way to enhance your pickleball game. It usually costs less than $20 and can be found on Amazon.


Whether you’re a veteran or just starting out, you should experiment with lead tape on your pickleball paddle and see what works for you. Not only does it help in adding more power to your shots, but it also gives you a larger sweet spot and more stability, ultimately making you play better on the court. However, ensure that you consider the pros and cons and choose what’s right for your individual play style.